Flexible BERAL fiction materials for drum brakes

Choosing the most suitable friction material is momentous to obtain the best performance from our braking component. BERAL asbestos free flexible friction products, fruits of German high technology, made of premium selected raw materials, meet the best requisites demanded by the application of braking components for drum brakes, surpassing the rest of rival materials in terms of quality, durability, resistance and braking softness. Even the bothersome problem of noise, peculiarity of certain former automotive applications, was brilliantly solved thanks to the innovative Beral 1127, born during the nineties, that nowadays is successfully leading over the range of Beral materials for cars drum brakes.Equal success is held by material Beral 1105 in the application of drum brakes for motorcycles. Nowadays, Piaggio’s brake suppliers, has been successfully employing this material of ours for years.