Our Products

ESCOM produces brake and clutch linings using BERAL asbestos-free friction materials, made in Germany by the company known as EUROBREMSBAND GmbH.

On the strength of the wide range of formulas and different technical parameters,Beral friction materials find application in brake systems (drum brakes), in thecar and motorbike industryagricultural sectors and various applications in the industrial sector (electric motorsindustrial machineswinchesbridge cranescraneslifts…)
All Beral friction materials guarantee high standards of quality of the brake components.

A great part of all Beral friction materials destined for the after-sales market in the automotive sector has obtained the ECE R90 certification, valid in all of the European market.
The main technical characteristics of the best selling materials are recorded in the Technical data section.

The wide range of ESCOM products includes:

DRUM BRAKE LININGS in flexible Beral friction material
ROLL LININGS in flexible Beral friction material
DRUM BRAKE LININGS in pre-formed Beral friction material
FLAT PLATES in flexible Beral friction material
FLAT PLATES in rigid/moulded Beral friction material
RINGS, WASHERS and client designed components in flexible or rigid Beral friction material

The use of precision machinery allows ESCOM to produce brake and clutch linings and client-designed components in almost any size both in small and large batches and always at a competitive price.

Some production lines also allow for completing brake linings with specific finishes such as surface sandblasting, grooving, bevel cutting and customised markings.

During the various production phases, every single product is subjected to strict quality controls in accordance with internal procedures, which are all compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.