ESCOM S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1993 and is specialised in the production of brake linings in the sectors of: carsmotorbikesagricultural and industrial vehicles.
Production is carried out with the processing and transformation of asbestos-free friction materialswith the BERAL brand name, made in Germany by the affiliated company known as EUROBREMSBAND GmbH.
The BERAL brand is recognised as a guarantee of high quality brake components throughout the world.
With a wide selection of BERAL friction materialsESCOM can offer a wide range of brake components and so are able to satisfy every particular requirement of the customer.
The constant aim of the ESCOM Team is to be a reliable partner of its customers, guaranteeing high quality of the productspunctuality and a competitive price.
These strengths have been appreciated by an enormous international clientele for many years.
Apart from working in all of Europe, ESCOM has customers in China, Taiwan, the USA and Brazil.

CERTIFICATIONS Certificazione UNI ISO 9001:2015